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Endless Style, Endless Me - PRE-PRODUCTION

Updated: May 24, 2019


From analysing other advertisements, they are very soundtrack heavy, minimal acting and talking, as the advertisement is short and needs to capture the viewers attention quickly and keep it for the duration of the piece. Ive decided the easiest way to create the film, and make it as visually appealing with the audio, is to decide on the music first.

From I searched through the pop, indie and electronic genres, in order to find a catchy track. I came down to New Orleans - James Lono, All About It - James Lono, Cherry - Chair Model and Feels Like Im Alive - Francis Mercier. From there I asked for opinions from my target audience, several colleagues and came down to picking Cherry by Chair Model.


ASOS’s core values are to display themselves as a business that believes in freedom for uniqueness and expression to their consumers. They have active involvement within size inclusivity, LGBTQ activism with a gender-neutral collection. The main plot of the fashion film, is to experience life for its full potential and express yourself as a individual, as I want to represent ASOS properly. This film’s target audience is 16 to 24 year olds, as this is ASOS’ target market.


“Endless Style, Endless You” is a fashion branding campaign made with ASOS in mind. The campaign explores fashion styles within different eras from the 60s to 00s and is designed to be shown as an advertisement in forms of fashion film, social media stories and print advertisements within London underground stations.


“Endless Style, Endless You” is a fashion branding campaign made with ASOS in mind, starring Helen Kay, Emily Forman-Jessops, Tim Norman and Kristie Vosper. The campaign is designed to be shown as an advertisement in forms of fashion film, social media stories and print advertisements within London underground stations. Overall it is an exploration of fashion through the different eras, sectioned from the 60s to 00s, surrounding a theme of a “dream-like state’ and inclusivity. The film lies close to the boundary of dance film and as the environments change fluidly, the styling, era and type of movement changes. The overall moral of the advertisement is to show inclusivity, freedom of uniqueness and expression for everyone, to express style how you want, to expand the boundaries of fashion, and follow ASOS’ core values.


Using my newly chosen soundtrack I have made a script run-down:


Genre: Neon Modern Day/ 00s - Showing ASOS Makeup

Location: Bathroom

Cast members: 1

Transition after scene: Camera & Person walk through the wall.

Timings: 0:00-0:24

Content: They look into the mirror really confused, then the ultraviolet lights come on, which shows off the neons and white clothing and they dance. They walk then walk backwards and it transitions into the next scene.


Genre: 90s Double Denim / Hip Hop

Location: Studio

Cast members: 1

Transition after scene: Camera & Person walk through the wall.

Timings: 0:25-0:36

Content: Stumbling into a white studio confused by their new look, then figuring out what is happening, continues to walk on into the next scene.


Genre: 80s Prom

Location: Social Club

Cast members: 2

Transition after scene: They walk into Photobooth, a photo is taken. Photo is then pulled away revealing the next scene

Timings: 0:36-1:01

Content: The model will then swiftly move into the shot, being caught by the other model’s hands and immediately twirling. Then dance sequence and then run to take a standard prom picture


Genre: 70s

Location: Laundrette

Cast members: 3

Transition after scene: The camera moves into the TV, where it's playing the next scene.

Timings: 1:02-1:29

Content: Zooms out to reveal picture is now a physical photo, revealing the laundrette location and a new additional dancer. There is a dance montage scene. The camera then pans towards a tv where film noir is playing and it zooms in to transition to next shot.


Genre: 60s Film Noir

Location: Inside House, Stairwell

Cast members: 4

Transition after scene: Cut

Timings: 1:30-1:53

Content: The newest addition cast member is clear in the frame, high contrast lighting within a door frame It is highly dramatic. The cast on the stairs and a dance montage happens again. The scene ends with the television being turned off effect, fading to black.


Genre: End title sequence

Location: ALL SCENES

Cast members: 4

Transition after scene: Cut

Timings: 1:54-2:00

Content: The sequence shows the individual new cast member's style from beginning to end, showing the best parts of each scene.


Genre: Collective styles together

Location: Street

Cast members: 4

Transition after scene: Cut

Timings: 2:01-2:10

Content: Cuts from past scene showing the four models, in their individual styles from their first appearance in each section, marching down the street & posing. It then fades to black and then the ASOS logo appears, and the music ends.


From working with Helen Kay before, I knew I wanted to work with her due to having a really good working relationship, along with her talent as an actress.

From there I decided to cast dancers, and theatre actors due to the production being dancing and movement heavy rather than acting.

Tim Norman

Helen Kay

Kristie Ann

Emily Forman-Jessops


As the campaign film, was designed to have fluidity. It mean't that I needed stability all the way through the film in order for it to appear smooth. I already knew James Reader & Jessica Reddy, a talented filming duo from my film 'Tinder Conversations in Real Life' and they work so well together on set so I really wanted to work with them again for this project. James is a talented camera operator and I asked him to shoot the film with a gimbal, in order to have full flexibility on set within the limited space. Jessica, is a talented photographer to help with behind the scenes and general grip on location filming. I also hired Jessica Hunt as my Gaffer as I also have a good working relationship with her and I know how talented she is when it comes to lighting.

Jessica Reddy & James Reader

Jessica Hunt


Umbrella Academy (2019) - Inspiration for dancing 80s prom scene

La La Land (2016) - Inspiration for transition, dream montage, 90s scene

Inspiration for 80s prom scene

Inspiration for 90s scene

Inspiration for Neon Scene


From the script breakdown and mood-board, and the ideas of locations I began searching for suitable locations to shoot, I already managed to secure locations for the Neon, Laundrette & Noir & End sequence scenes due to contacts.

80s Prom scene:

I thought of filming in a social club, due to the dated aesthetic. Although it may not be 80s, it will show it being dated due to social clubs being established a while ago.

From research and contacts I managed to be able to have the choice of (images below) butt overall I chose the Agaton Social Club, due to its aesthetic of the stage and the arches.

Agaton Social Club - Plymouth

Mainstone Social Club - Plymouth

Tamerton Foliot Social Club - Plymouth


The cast’s costumes will change from scene to scene and will match the fluidity of then piece, as the narrative changes so will the characters along with makeup and hair. As the main narrative represents a large basis of genres, a large amount of fashion will be displayed and styled within scenes. As I’ve chosen ASOS as a brand to style from and represent, their range is so inclusive that it will cover each setting and scenario. Also advertising to the audience how large and different their fashion is compared to other brands.

From my research I managed to make a styling for every era mentioned in the script breakdown:


Genre: Neon Modern Day/ 00s - Showing ASOS Makeup

Due to this scene being about the makeup of asos, styling isnt as focussed apon due to the focus being the makeup. For this scene it's all neon makeup. All of the makeup is to be UV reactive to show up on the UV lights.


Genre: 90s Denim / Hip Hop

This outfit is to be paired with a denim jacket, scrunchie & small glasses.


Genre: 80s Prom


Genre: 70s

The other two outfits reflect this colour pallete. With the other femalel cast member in Striped top, Denim Flares & Headband and the male cast member in corduroy and loud pattern.


Genre: 60s Film Noir

All cast members to be in formal wear, wearing oversized hats, fur, cinched waist jackets, and pleated skirts. The colour of the styling doesn't matter as this scene is in black and white, apart from the newest cast member.


Within the scenes, an old CRT television & a photo was needed as transitions from scene to scene. I managed to make a retro television with green screen paper inside, after being inspired by CRT television sculptures. Also to get around the photograph, I wrapped green screen paper around card, so I could allow the editing process to be easy yet changeable.

CRT sculpture

Tracing of the CRT TV construction

My CRT television

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