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Endless Style, Endless Me - INITIAL IDEAS

Updated: May 22, 2019

For my graduate project I'm planning to create:

1. Fashion Film/Campaign Package (Branded for ASOS)

Fashion Film (3-5 minutes)

Summarised Fashion film in social media format (40 seconds - 1 minute)

Campaign Gifs

Billboard/Train slidings.

2.‘Forbidden Fruit’- Music video (Client: Oliver Parker, Pint Sized Tiger)


A package that advertises and represents the chosen brand to their identity and values, using trend forecasting to create a relevant package within the fashion industry. It should be noted that continuity through each product will be the same, making it a package.

The narrative for the fashion campaign package is story driven, involving acting to move the film along. Its set several years into the future where technology has advanced to help people be more in contact with their subconscious, and the film takes place inside the consciousness of the main character, experiencing many film genre narratives that all fold into one main plot.

The campaign is to be shown across all social media platforms, print advertisement in London Underground stations, and a stand alone fashion film.


Overall Summary:

For the music video its going to take place within a supermarket showing the band members, mostly lead singer, surrounding the plot of an unobtainable relationship with a woman. The video transfers from the supermarket into a psychedelic sequence that represents the lyrics, also having animated singing fruit which to links to the song content.

The music video is to be broadcasted on youtube & vimeo then to be advertised across social media platforms, including fan pages.

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