• Corey

Industry Engagement Plan

At this present moment, I do not know what career path I want to go towards, I'm currently debating whether to continue in education or go into full-time employment. If I were to go into full-time employment within the media industry, it would most likely be within a digital creative agency or a corporation brand company. As my passion lies with filmmaking, particularly fashion film but not limited to, I am focussing my energy on companies like ASOS, Topshop, Zara and H&M. I feel even as a member of a creative marketing team within any of those companies would suit my interests and my creativity well.

Although I am interested in taking some time to develop my portfolio as a filmmaker on my own terms, I feel like I could benefit from the space away from boundaries to create smaller stories that are around my community and out in the world. I am planning to create two films within the summer of 2019: a fashion film/advertisement for ‘Rewire’ a new sustainable upcycling brand and a story-driven fashion film expressing a type of fashion. As I do want to become a commercial filmmaker, festivals aren't appropriate for my work currently due to branding issues within my films. However, I do know of the Berlin Fashion Film Festival, which will help me step into the industry if I'm recognised. Berlin Fashion Film Festival is known for its commercial as well as non-commercial films within submissions. If I do not submit a film for the upcoming submissions, I will attend the festival to make connections and expand my circle of industry known professionals. There are other festivals that have similar submissions like Fashion Film Festival Milano and London Film Festival, which could also aid my career in terms of connections and visibility.

A confirmed plan for my future due to my editing background is professionally taught courses with editing software, particularly after effects. I think having a well-rounded skill set will not only help me in obtaining a job, within the sector I want to progress in but help me become more employable freelance or commercially. I then feel like I can target editing jobs within digital creative agencies. I'm particularly interested in the company DINK, based in London however with offices all over including Torquay. I'm drawn to this particular company due to its style of production and its production genre which is commercial and fashion based.

I'm planning to try to connect with as many media and filmmakers, and other creatives within the South West area as possible, through LinkedIn and university in order to make a good network, not only for jobs but crew when I start producing my next film.

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