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Endless Style, Endless Me - CHANGE OF PLAN & RESEARCH

Updated: May 22, 2019

At the start of my graduate project, it was a completely different idea. Originally I was going to make two media packages, now thats changed. Due to budget, resources and time I have to change my project to make it as of a high production as it can be. Instead of making two projects I'm simply making one, the fashion campaign. The music video is not scrapped all together, production is just moved to a further date so I can concentrate my whole creativity on the production and make it as good as possible for the client.

Instead I've decided to make my fashion campaign less acting driven & include dancing. I've also battled with the idea of film genres being the different environments within my film, and the idea costs too much money and resources to make believable. So instead I've changed the narrative to be a time eras, due to the trend forecasting of vintage becoming more popular, this also makes the styling much easier.


To make the campaign as accurate as possible I've researched into the different eras about locations, styling and just the nature in general. Although the campaign is not supposed to be too accurate as it is a advertisement for modern day, so needs to be current in terms of fashion.

90s Fashion:

After some research I found some of the 90s trends that are popular or trend forecasted to come into fashion for current day:

Clueless (1995)
  • Double Denim

  • Grunge

  • Overalls

  • Scrunchies

  • Tiny Sunglasses

  • Flannel

  • Plaid Sets

My Best Friends Wedding (1997)

During the 90s; films like 'Clueless' & 'My Best Friends Wedding' are good examples and inspiration that I should take into consideration when it comes to styling.

80s Fashion:

  • Velour

  • Lamé

  • Ruffles

  • Shoulder Pads

  • Statement sleeves

  • Power Suits

  • Lace

70s Fashion:

  • Quilting & Patchwork

  • Flares

  • Stripes

  • Corduroy

  • Loud Pattern

60s Fashion:

  • Cinched waist

  • Checkered pattern

  • Fur

  • Tweed

  • Houndstooth

  • Oversized hats

  • Mod

In the mid 60s colour became accessible, so the majority of photos and film was black & white, I think this information is incredibly important to take forward into production planning as it will make it apparent that it is changing time through the narrative.

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