Talking about myself... this should be easy right?

HIYA,  I'm Corey Vosper.

I'm a Filmmaker & Media Creative based in London. Working within Fashion film, Commercials, Documentaries, and Comedy - I specialize in Producing, Directing, and Editing. I’m very passionate when it comes to filmmaking; my style is particularly fresh and stylized, and I'm ardent about the idea of creating new stories that nobody else is telling.

I believe the moment filmmaking becomes tedious, it is the moment it becomes wrong; it should be enjoyable.


I've always been creative from a young age, this has driven me to pursue a creative education which has led me to university where I studied Digital Media Production. From there I’ve produced many projects I’m proud of and continue to do so.


I hope watching my productions brings you as much joy as I did making them.

Contact me for any inquiries, wish to collaborate, or simply to get in touch.